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ClusterTools (ClusterTools Guide)
Version 1.1.3 24-Jan-2018

ClusterTools is based on PRTools. Many routines may fail if that toolbox in not in the path.

Clustering in feature space

cluste Examplar clustering
clustf Clustering by farthest first traversal algorithm
clusth Hierarchical clustering in feature space
clustk Feature space clustering by K prototype procedures
clustm Multi-level clustering by kNN mode-seeking
clustr Random clustering
clusts Mean shift mode-seeking clustering
labnn Find indices of k nearest neighbors
exemplar Back-end Exemplar clustering
modeclust Back-end kNN mode-seeking clustering
modeclustf Back-end Fast kNN mode-seeking clustering

Clustering on dissimilarity matrices

dcluste Examplar clustering on given dissimilarities
dclustf Clustering by farthest first traversal algorithm
dclusth Hierarchical clustering on given dissimilarities
dclustk k-centres or k-medoids on given dissimilarities
dclustm kNN mode-seeking on given dissimilarities
dclustr Random clustering

Reclustering of multilevel clusterings

recluste Extend multi-level clustering
reclusth Hierarchical reclustering
reclustk Determining exactly K clusters
reclustn Creating a nested set of clusterings


semisupc Semi-supervised classifier
clustc Semi-supervised classifier by confidence propagation
clusthc Hierarchical clustering based classifier
nnprotoc Nearest neighbor classifier using cluster prototypes

Cluster Evaluation

clusteval Evaluate clusterings by various performance measures
actleval Evaluate clustering by active learning performance
clustcerr Cluster classification error on indiviual clusterings
clustlcurve Compute learning from multilevel clustering
mclustlcurve Compute learning from multiclustering classification
mclustcerr Cluster classification error combining clusterings


clust2proto Find prototypes from clustering
dclust2proto Find prototypes from clustering of dissimilarities
clustnum Number of clusters in multilevel clustering
clustsizes Cluster sizes and prototypes in multilevel clustering
clustinds Find cluster indices fast
gendatclust1 Generate a 10-class 2D dataset
gendatclust2 Generate an 8-class 2D dataset
gendset Generate data from a clustering based Parzen density
eadist Create evidence accumulation dissimilarity matrix
labsort Sort label array of a multiclustering
lab2clust Find cell array of object indices per cluster
dselproto Select prototypes from dissimilarity matrix
selproto Select prototypes from dataset (PRTools)
scatn simple scatter plot

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