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Extend the set of clusterings with lower level clusterings.


 A Dataset with M objects
 LABIN M*N index array with a multi-level clustering of A.

 LABOUT MxK index array with K >= N of an extended multi-level  clustering of A.


In case the numbers of clusters of all levels of the clusterings stored  in LABIN (they might be found by CLUSTNUM) is too large and clusterings  with less clusters are to be found RECLUSTN extends LABIN with  low-resolution clusterings. This is done by clustering just the  prototypes of a high-resolution clustering found in in LABIN, using  MODECLUST.

See also

meanshift, modeclust, modeclustf, clustm, dclustm, labsort, reclustk, reclusth, clustnum,

ClusterTools Contents

ClusterTools User Guide

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