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Dissimilarity based hierarchical clustering


 D Square dissimilarity matrix, size M*M
 K Vector of length N with desired numbers of clusters.  Default is a sampling of the [2:M] interval.
 TYPE Character idicating linkage type:  'a' - average linkage  'c' - complete linkage  'r' - central linkage  's' - single linkage (default)

 LAB [M,N] array with the results of the multilevel clusterings of the
 M objects. The columns refer to the N clusterings. They yield for  the objects the prototype indices of the clusters they belong to.
 DEN Dendrogram, see PLOTDG or DENDROGRAM


A hierarchical clustering is performed on the dissimilarity matrix D of M objects. The cluster indices for the N desired cluster levels stored  in K are returned in LAB.

See also

datasets, mappings, clusth, plotdg, dclustm, dclustk, dcluste, clusteval, clustcerr, clustc,

ClusterTools Contents

ClusterTools User Guide

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