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Make multilevel clustering nested


 LABIN M*N array with the results of the multi-level clusterings for M objects. The columns refer to N clusterings. They yield for the  objects the prototype indices of the clusters they belong to.

 LABOUT Index array, size [M,length(K)], indices of cluster prototypes.  Columns refer to different clusterings and are ranked to  increasing numbers of clusters.


Levels in a multi-level clustering are made nested: objects in the same  cluster of a higher resolution clustering belong to the same cluster in a  lower-resolution clustering. This might yield an improved result as it  combines the clustering levels.

This routine is particulary useful for multilevel modeseeking clusterings  like MEANSHIFT and MODECLUST, MODECLUSTF, CLUSTM and DCLUSTM.

See also

meanshift, modeclust, modeclustf, clustm, dclustm, labsort, reclustk, reclusth,

ClusterTools Contents

ClusterTools User Guide

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