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Hierarchical reclustering of a multilevel clustering


 LABIN Multilevel labeling, size [M,L], for M objects.
 K Vector with desired numbers of clusters, default sampling of [2:M]
 TYPE Linkage rule: 's', 'a', 'r' or 'c'. Alternatively  'single','average','central' or 'complete'. Default 'complete'.

 LABOUT Index array, size [M,length(K)], indices of cluster prototypes.  Columns refer to different clusterings and are ranked to  increasing numbers of clusters.
 DEN Dendrogram, see PLOTDG or DENDROGRAM


This routine performs an agglomorative hierarchical clustering based on a  distance matrix between all clusters on the highest level of LABIN. All  clusterings are used to compute the distances based on histograms of  cluster assignments of all objects in a cluster.

The quality of this routine may be improved considerably by using a very  diverse set of input labelings LABIN.

See also

datasets, mappings, dclusth, cluste, clustf, clustk, clusth, clustkh, clustm, reclustk, reclustn, clusteval, clustcerr, clustc, clustnum, plotdg,

ClusterTools Contents

ClusterTools User Guide

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