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Find prototypes from given clustering of dissimilarity data


 LABC Index array, size [M,K], indices of cluster prototypes for M objects in K clusterings.
 D M x M PRTools dissimilarity matrix or double array

 LAB_OUT Vector with set of M indices pointing for every object in A to the centre of its cluster as derived from D.


By this routine cluster labels of a dataset D are replaced by the indices  of the centres of these clusters. A cluster centre is the object for  which the maximum distance to the other objects in the cluster is minimized.

In case the cluster labels LAB_IN are not given D should be a PRTools  dataset and its labels are interpreted as the cluster labels.

See also

mappings, exemplar, dcluste, dclustm, dclusth, dclustk,

ClusterTools Contents

ClusterTools User Guide

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