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Plot classifiers


Plots the discriminant as given by the mapping W on predefined axis,  typically set by scatterd. Discriminants are defined by the points  where class differences for mapping values are zero.

S is the plot string, e.g. S = 'b--'. In case S = 'col' a color plot is  produced filling the regions of different classes with different colors.  Default S = 'k-';

LINE_WIDTH sets the width of the lines and box. Default LINE_WIDTH = 1.5

In W a cell array of classifiers may be given. In S a set of plot strings  of appropriate size may be given. Automatically a legend is added to  the plot.

The linear gridsize is read from the global parameter GRIDSIZE, that

can be set by the function gridsize: for instance 'gridsize(100)'
default gridsize is 30. As all these points have to be classified (e.g.
100x100) this always done in batch mode. If needed desired the default
batch size may be changed by PRGLOBAL.


See also

mappings, scatterd, plotm, gridsize, setbatch, prglobal,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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