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Enables/diasables execution in batch mode of mappings


 W Mapping
 FLAG Switches batch processing on (TRUE, default) or off (FALSE)
 BATCHSIZE Number of objects per batch (default 1000)
 OBJSIZE Number of objects above which batch processing is enabled  (default BATCHSIZE)

 W Mapping


Mappings might be processed in batch mode in case of large datasets or  datafiles. This may solve problems in computing A*W (A is a datase/file)  by executing the result in batches if intermediate memory demand is too  high. In case the final dataset is too large this will not be of use as it  should fit in memory anyway.

For some mappings batch processing is not possible as the processing of  objects is not fully independent. For that reason it is skipped during  training of mappings and classifiers.

See also

mappings, getbatch,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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