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Plot mapping values, contours or surface

    H = PLOTM(W,S,N)

 W Trained mapping
 S Plot strings, or scalar selecting type of plot
 1: density plot;
 2: contour plot (default);
 3: 3D surface plot;
 4: 3D surface plot above 2D contour plot;
 5; 3D mesh plot;
 6: 3D mesh plot above 2D contour plot)
 N Contour level(s) to plot  (default: 10 contours between minimum and maximum)

 H Array of graphics handles


This routine, similar to PLOTC, plots contours (not just decision  boundaries) of the mapping W on predefined axis, typically generated by  SCATTERD. Plotstrings may be set in S. The vector N selects the contour.

If N = 'perc' 10 contour levels are drawn such that each level has an  equal area in the plot.



See also

mappings, scatterd, plotc,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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