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Trainable radial basis neural network classifier

    W = A*RBNC([],UNITS)

 A Dataset
 UNITS Number of RBF units in hidden layer

 W Radial basis neural network mapping


A feed-forward neural network classifier with one hidden layer with  UNITS radial basis units is computed for labeled dataset A.  Default UNITS is number of objects * 0.2, but not more than 100.  Uses the Mathworks' Neural Network toolbox.

If UNITS is NaN it is optimised by REGOPTC. This may take a long  computing time and is often not significantly better than the default.

This routine escapes to KNNC for sample sizes < 6.

This routine calls MathWork's SOLVERB routine (Neural Network toolbox)  as SOLVB.

See also

mappings, datasets, lmnc, bpxnc, neurc, rnnc, regoptc,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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