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Automatic neural network classifier with one hidden layer

    [W,UNITS] = NEURC(A)

 A Dataset

 W Trained feed-forward neural network mapping
 UNITS Number of hidden units used.


Automatically trained feed-forward neural network classifier. All  parameters are automatically determined. The number of hidden units is  the number of objects of A divided by the number of classes plus the  feature size, but at least 2 and at most 100.

The network is initialised by RNNC and trained by LMNC. Training is  stopped when the performance measured by an automatically generated  tuning set of 1000 objects does not improve anymore or after the time set  by PRTIME.

Uses the Mathworks' neural network toolbox.

This routine escapes to KNNC if no classes have more than 2 objects.

See also

mappings, datasets, lmnc, bpxnc, gendatk, regoptc, prtime,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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