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Set/get size of maximum run times of some optimisations

    N = PRTIME(N)

    N : The desired/retrieved maximum run time in seconds of optimisations.
        Initially N = 10.


Some routines like the neural network classifiers NEURC, LMNC and BPXNC,  and also ADABOOSTC, EMCLUST and the Parzen density estimators execute an  optimisation loop until stability or for a maximum number of iterations.  Sometimes this takes too much time and early stopping is desired.  By PRTIME a global value is set or retrieved that controls the maximum  time spent by the optimisation loop.

PRTIME can temporarily be switched off by T = PRTIME(INF) and after some  statements restarted by PRTIME(T). See OVERTIME for usage.

On most places a PRWARNING level 2 message is generated when execution is  stopped by PRTIME. It does not make much sense to have N < 1, as many  routines have an overhead in the order of a second.

See also

prglobal, lmnc, bpxnc, emclust, prwarning, overtime,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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