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Linear Bayes Normal Classifier (BayesNormal_1)

   [W,R,S,M] = LDC(A,R,S,M)
   [W,R,S,M] = A*LDC([],R,S,M);
   [W,R,S,M] = A*LDC(R,S,M);

 A Dataset
 R,S Regularisation parameters, 0 <= R,S <= 1 (optional; default: no regularisation, i.e. R,S = 0)
 M Dimension of subspace structure in covariance matrix (default: K,  all dimensions)

 W Linear Bayes Normal Classifier mapping
 R Value of regularisation parameter R as used
 S Value of regularisation parameter S as used
 M Value of regularisation parameter M as usedd


Computation of the linear classifier between the classes of the dataset A by assuming normal densities with equal covariance matrices. The joint  covariance matrix is the weighted (by a priori probabilities) average of  the class covariance matrices. R and S (0 <= R,S <= 1) are regularisation  parameters used for finding the covariance matrix G by

    G = (1-R-S)*G + R*diag(diag(G)) + S*mean(diag(G))*eye(size(G,1))

This covariance matrix is then decomposed as

    G = W*W' + sigma^2 * eye(K)

where W is a K x M matrix containing the M leading principal components  and sigma^2 is the mean of the K-M smallest eigenvalues. The use of soft labels  is supported. The classification A*W is computed by NORMAL_MAP.

If R, S or M is NaN the regularisation parameter is optimised by REGOPTC.  The best result are usually obtained by R = 0, S = NaN, M = [], or by  R = 0, S = 0, M = NaN (which is for problems of moderate or low dimensionality  faster). If no regularisation is supplied a pseudo-inverse of the  covariance matrix is used in case it is close to singular.

Note that A*(KLMS([],N)*NMC) performs a similar operation by first  pre-whitening the data in an N-dimensional space, followed by the  nearest mean classifier. The regularisation controlled by N is different  from the above in LDC as it entirely removes small variance directions.

To some extend LDC is also similar to FISHERC.



 a = gendatd;  % generate Gaussian distributed data in two classes
 w = ldc(a);   % compute a linear classifier between the classes
 scatterd(a);  % make a scatterplot
 plotc(w)      % plot the classifier


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See also

mappings, datasets, regoptc, nmc, nmsc, ldc, udc, quadrc, normal_map, fisherc,

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PRTools User Guide

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