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Fixed mapping to filter images in datasets and datafiles

     B = A*FILTIM([],COMMAND,{PAR1,PAR2,....},SIZE)

 A Dataset or datafile with multi-band image objects
 COMMAND String with function name of command to be executed
 {PAR1,...} Cell array with optional parameters to COMMAND
 SIZE Output size of the mapping (default: input size)

 B Dataset containing multi-band images processed by
 COMMAND, band by band.


For each band of each image in A a filter operation is performed


Object images as well as feature images are supported.  The results are collected and stored in B. In case A (and thereby B) is  a datafile, execution is postponed until conversion into a dataset, or a  call to SAVEDATAFILE.

The difference between FILTIM and the similar command FILTM is that  FILTIM is aware of the band structure of the objects. As FILTIM treats  the bands separately it cannot be used for commands that change the number  of bands (like RGB2GRAY) or need to access them all simultaneaously.  However, FILTM can handle cells and FILTIM cannot.


 A = delft_images; B = A([120 121 131 230])*doublem*col2gray;
 E = B*filtim('fft2')*filtim('abs')*filtim('fftshift');
 figure; show(E); figure; show((1+E)*filtim('log')); 

See also

datasets, datafiles, im2obj, im2feat, filtm, data2im, procm, mapm,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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