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Fixed-cell mapping to execute arbitray Matlab function on objects

Low-level routine

     [OUT1,OUT2, ..] = A*PROCM(COMMAND,PAR1,PAR2,....)
     [OUT1,OUT2, ..] = {A,B}*PROCM(COMMAND,PAR1,PAR2,....)

 A Dataset, datafile, cell array or double
 B Dataset, datafile, cell array or double
 COMMAND String with function name or PRTools nmapping
 PAR1,... Optional parameters for COMMAND

 OUT1, ... Cell arrays with results from COMMAND


This routine executes a given COMMAND over a set of objects. These can  be supplied by a dataset, a datafile, a cell array or a double array.  Rows are interpreted as objects. For each object N stored in A the  routine COMMAND is processed by

      [OUT1{N}, ...] = COMMAND(OBJECT_N,PAR1,PAR2,....)

For diadic operations the two inputs should be combined in a cell: {A,B}.  They are processed by

      [OUT1{N}, ...] = COMMAND(OBJECT_A_N,OBJECT_B_N,PAR1,PAR2,....)

This is a low-level routine that feeds the unpacked objects in datafiles  and dataset (doubles) to COMMAND. Use FILTM for a higher level of  processing. Use MAPM to handle entire matrices, datasets or datafiles  instead of processing object by object.

See also

datasets, datafiles, im2obj, feat2obj, data2im, filtm, filtm, mapm,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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