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Set/get global for dissimilarity computations


 TYPE Desired type used for distance computations by DISTM
-  'SquaredEuclid', default for TYPE = [], the squared Euclidean  distance, which is the original default of DISTM.
-  'CityBlock', the city-block distance.
-  'Minkowski'. the Minkowski distance with parameter PARS(1) See further all options of PDIST2. TYPE is case insensitive.
 PARS Additional parameters used by PDIST2


Original PRTOOLS uses almost everywhere DISTM for distance computations.  Later Matlab introduced the more general routine PDIST2. In the more  recent versions it is equally fast or faster than DISTM. Consequently  DISTM now internally calls PDIST2. By DISTYPE the distance type can be  set externally.

See also

distm, pdist2,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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