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Fixed mapping for computing a square Euclidean distance matrix

    D = DISTM(A,B)
    D = DISTM(A);
    D = A*DISTM

 A,B Datasets or matrices; B is optional, default B = A

 D Square Euclidean distance dataset or matrix


Computation of the square Euclidean distance matrix D between two  sets A and B. If A has M objects and B has N objects, then D is  [M x N]. If A and B are datasets, then D is a dataset as well with  the labels defined by the labels of A and the feature labels defined  by the labels of B.

Unlabeled objects in B are neglected, unless B is entirely unlabeled.  If A is not a dataset, but a matrix of doubles then D is also not a  dataset, but a set of doubles.

NOTE (1) DISTM was in older Matlab versions for large datasets considerable faster  than PDIST2. Now it uses internally PDIST2.

NOTE (2) DISTM(A,B) is equivalent to A*PROXM(B,'d',2)).

See also

datasets, proxm,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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