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Add a new labeling to an existing dataset


 A Dataset
 LABELS Vector or character array with labels
 LABLISTNAME String to identify the new labeling

 B Dataset
 LABLISTNUMBER Number for the new label list


This adds a new labeling to the given dataset A. It has thereby a  multiple labeling. The new labeling is immediately activated and made the  current one. See MULTI_LABELING for a description of the multiple labeling  system. See ADDLABLIST for implementation details.  Desired labellings may be set by CHANGELABLIST using the LABLISTNUMBER or LABLISTNAME. The original, first labeling of a dataset has  LABLISTNUMBER = 1 and LABLISTNAME = 'default'.

Use SETPRIOR and SETCOST to set priors and costs for the new labeling.  A defined labeling can be removed by DELLABLIST.  This multiple labeling system is implemented for crisp labels only.

See also

datasets, multi_labeling, addlablist, changelablist, dellablist, setprior,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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