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Stats KNN Classifier (Matlab Stats Toolbox)

     W = STATSKNNC(A,'PARAM1',val1,'PARAM2',val2,...)
     W = A*STATSKNNC([],'PARAM1',val1,'PARAM2',val2,...)
    D = B*W

 A Dataset used for training
 PARAM1 Optional parameter, see CLASSIFICATIONKNN.FIT
 B Dataset used for evaluation

 W KNN classifier
 D Classification matrix, dataset with posteriors (0-1)


This is the PRTools interface to the KNN classifier of the Matlab  Stats toolbox. See there for more information. It is assumed that objects  labels, feature labels and class priors are included in the dataset A.  The classification matrix D is for this classifier a 0-1 matrix with just  a 1 in the column of the assigned class.

See also

datasets, mappings, classificationknn, knnc,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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