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Stamping and storing of mappings for fast reusage

      C = STAMP_MAP(A,W) or C = A*W
      U = STAMP_MAP(V,W) or U = V*W

This routine is equivalent to MAP except that it stores previous  results (C or U) and retrieves them when the same inputs (A and W or V and W) are given. This is especially good in case of combining  classifier studies when the same mappings have to be computed multiple  times.

Note that only the highest level of calls to MAP are stored by STAMP_MAP.  If multiple calls to lower level calls (e.g. somewhere included in a  complicated combined classifier) are expected, they should be called  first explicitely.

STAMP_MAP is automatically called inside MAP (and thereby by every  overloaded * operation between datasets and mappings) controlled by  the following settings

  • disables all storage and retrieval of mappings.  This should be called when no duplicates are expected  as it prevents the unnecessary checking of inputs.
  • Retrieving of stored results only only.  No new results are stored.
  • Enables retrieval as well as storage of results.

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PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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