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Map a dataset, train a mapping or classifier, or combine mappings

    B = PRMAP(A,W) or B = A*W

Maps a dataset A by a fixed or trained mapping (or classifier) W,  generating  a new dataset B. This is done object by object. So B has as many objects  (rows) as A. The number of features of B is determined by W. All dataset  fields of A are copied to B, except the feature labels. These are defined  by the labels stored in W.

    V = PRMAP(A,W) or B = A*W

If W is an untrained mapping (or classifier), it is trained by the dataset A.  The resulting trained mapping (or classifier) is stored in V.

    V = PRMAP(W1,W2) or V = W1*W2

The two mappings W1 and W2 are combined sequentially. See SEQUENTIAL for  a description. The resulting combination is stored in V.

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PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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