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Fixed mapping for Minkowski-P distance normalisation

    B = NORMM(A,P)
    B = A*NORMM([],P)
    B = A*NORMM(P)

 A Dataset or matrix
 P Order of the Minkowski distance (optional; default: 1)

 B Dataset or matrix of normalized Minkowski-P distances


Normalizes the distances of all objects in the dataset A such that their  Minkowski-P distances to the origin equal one. For P=1 (default), this is  useful for normalizing the probabilities. For 1-dimensional datasets  (SIZE(A,2)=1), a second feature is added before the normalisation such  that A(:,2)=1-A(:,1).

Note that NORMM(P) or NORMM([],P) is a fixed mapping.

See also

mappings, datasets, classc,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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