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MODSELC Model selection

    V = A*(W*MODSELC([],N,NREP))

 A Dataset used for training base classifiers and/or selection
 B Dataset used for testing (executing) the selector
 W Set of trained or untrained base classifiers
 N Number of crossvalidations, default 10
 NREP Number of crossvalidation repetitions

 V Selected classidfer


This routine selects out of a set of given classifiers stored in W the  best one on the basis of N-fold crossvalidation (see CROSSVAL), which  might be repeated NREP times. If W contains a set of already trained  classifiers, N and NREP are neglected and just the best classifier  according to the evaluation set A is returned.

This routine can be considered as a classifier combiner based on global  selection. See DCSC for local, dynamic selection.

See also

datasets, mappings, stacked, dcsc, classc, testd, labeld,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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