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Fixed mapping estimating means and covariances of multiclass data

    [U,G] = MEANCOV(A,N)
    [U,G] = A*MEANCOV([],N)
    [U,G] = A*MEANCOV(N)

    A Dataset
    N Normalisation to be useduse for calculating covariances: by M, the
         number of samples in A (N = 1) or by M-1 (default, unbiased, N = 0).

 U Mean vectors, given as a dataset with all annotation of A
 G Covariance matrices


Computation of a set of mean vectors U and a set of covariance matrices G of the C classes in the dataset A. The covariance matrices are stored as a  3-dimensional matrix G of the size K x K x C, the class mean vectors as a  labeled dataset U of the size C x K.

The use of soft labels or target labels is supported.

See also

datasets, nbayesc, distmaha,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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