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Construct image of object (pixel) labels

     IM = LABELIM(A)

 A Dataset containing images stored as features

 IM Image containing the labels of the objects


For a dataset A containing images stored as features, where each pixel  corresponds to an object, the routine creates an image presenting the  labels of the objects. Note that if the number of classes is small, e.g.  2, an appropriate colormap will have to be loaded for displaying the  result using IMAGE(LABELS). More appropriate, LABELS should be multiplied  such that the minimum and maximum of LABELS are well spread in the [1,64] interval of the standard colormaps. bb

The resulting image may also directly be displayed by:  LABELIM(A) or  A*LABELIM
for which a suitable colormap is loaded automatically.

See also

datasets, classim,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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