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Fixed mapping thresholding images (DIP_Image)


 A Dataset with object images (possibly multi-band)
 TYPE Type of procedure, see below
 PAR Related parameter
 INV If INV = 1, result inverted, default INV = 0.

 B Dataset with thresholded images


The following procedures are supported (TYPE)

'isodata': Thresholding using the Isodata algorithm
'otsu': See IM2BW
'triangle': *Thresholding using chord method  (a.k.a. skewed bi-modality, maximum distance to triangle)  by Zack, Rogers and Latt (1973).
'background': *Thresholding using unimodal background-symmetry method.
'fixed': Thresholding at a fixed value.
'double': *Thresholding between two fixed values.
'volume': *Thresholding to obtain a given volume fraction.
'hysteresis': *From the binary image (in>low) only those regions are  selected for which at least one pixel is (in>high)

The following parameters are related to these procedures (PAR)
('background'): Distance to the peak where we cut-off, in  terms of the half-width at half the maximum.  Inf selects the default value, which is 2.

('fixed'): Threshold value. Inf means halfway between  minimum and maximum value.
('double'): Two threshold values. Inf means min+[1/3,2/3]*(max-min).
('volume'): Parameter = the volume fraction (Inf means 0.5)
('hysteresis'): Two values: low, high (see above)

* routine needs DIP_IMAGE

This routine is for smart thresholding. Simple thresholding can also be  performed by B = A > PAR, which is the same as using the type 'fixed'.

See also

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PRTools User Guide

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