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Get pixel feature vectors around given pixels in image dataset


 A Dataset containing feature images
 INDEX Index vector of target pixels in the images (Objects in A)
 ROW Column vector of row-coordinates of target pixels
 COL Column vector of column-coordinates of target pixels
 WSIZE Desired size of rectangular window around target pixels
 INCLUDE Flag (0/1), indicating whether target pixels should be included  (1,default), or not (0) in result.

 L Index in A of window pixels


This routine generates all objects in a dataset constructed by image  features that are in a window of size WSIZE around the target pixels  given by INDEX, or by [ROW,COL]. If WSIZE is omitted or empty ([],  default), just the 4 4-conntected neighbors of the target pixels are  returned. L points to the window pixels, such that A(L,:) is a dataset  of the corresponding objects.

See also

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PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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