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Generate multidimensional dataset


 COMMAND Name of command to be used for generating the data,  default 'gendatb'
 K Desired dimensionality, default K = 5.
 N Desired total number of objects, or a vector with desired number  per class. Default N = 100.

 A Dataset with N or SUM(N) number of objects and K features.


The base routine COMMAND (e.g. GENDATB) is called a number of times and  resulting datasets are concatenated, such that a K-dimensional result is  obtained. The base routine is called as COMMAND(N). Possible commands are  GENDATB, GENDATC, GENDATD, GENDATH, GENDATL, GENDATM, GENDATMM, GENDATS

A possible alternative for this routine is GENDATV

See also

datasets, gendatb, gendatc, gendatd, gendath, gendatl, gendatm, gendatmm, gendats, gendatv,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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