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Fixed mapping for selecting given features

    [W,V] = FEATSEL(K,J)
     B = A*FEATSEL(J)
     C = A*FEATSEL(J,true)

 K Input dimensionality
 J Index vector of features to be selected
 A Dataset

 W Mapping performing the feature selection
 V Mapping selecting the complementing features
 B Dataset, A(J,:)
 C Dataset, A with features J removed


This is a simple support routine that writes feature selection  in terms of a mapping. If A is a K-dimensional dataset and J are  the feature indices to be selected, then B = A*W does the same as  B = A(:,J).

The use of this routine is a mapping V computed for a lower dimensional  subspace defined by J can now be defined by W = FEATSEL(K,J)*V as a  mapping in the original K-dimensional space.

The selected features can be retrieved by W.DATA or by +W.  See below for various methods to perform feature selection.

See also

mappings, datasets, feateval, featself, featsellr, featselo, featselb, featseli, featselp, featselm,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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