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Create datafile on disk


 A Datafile
 DIR Name of datafile, default: name of A
 ROOT Root directory in which datafile should be created  default: present directory
 TYPE Datafile type ('raw' (default) or 'cell')
 CMD Command for writing files, default: IMWRITE
 FMT Format, default 'bmp'

 B New datafile


The existing datafile A is recreated on disk, one file per object,  including all preprocessing. The IDENT.IDENT field and the class priors  of A are copied. All other addional information of A is lost.  The order of objects in A and B may differ.

Raw datafiles are stored as integer images, use TYPE = 'cell' to store  floats.

The difference between CREATEDATAFILE and SAVEDATAFILE is that the latter  assumes that the datafile after completion by preprocessing can be converted  into a dataset and the data is stored as such and as compact as possible.  CREATEDATAFILE saves every object in a separate file and is thereby  useful in case preprocessing does not yield a proper dataset with the  same number of features for every object.

See also

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PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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