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Selection of bands from object images

    B = BANDSEL(A,J)
    B = A*BANDSEL([],J)
    B = A*BANDSEL(J)

 A Dataset or datafile with multi-band object images
 J Indices of bands to be selected

 B Dataset with selected bands (ordered according to J)


If the objects in a dataset or datafile A are multi-band images, e.g. RGB images, or the result of IM_PATCH, then the featsize of A is [M,N,L] for  for L bands of an M x N images. This routine makes a selection J out of  L. The routine BAND2OBJ may be used to organize the bands vertically  as separate objects. However, BANDSEL nor BAND2OBJ can be applied to  datafiles for which already a bandselection has been defined by BANDSEL.

See also

datasets, datafiles, im2obj, im_patch, band2obj,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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