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Read Olivetti face database


This creates a dataset A containing the desired photos (92*112 pixels)  of the desired subjects (1 <= SUBJECTS <= 40). For each subject 10 photos are available (1 <= PHOTOS <= 10). SUBJECTS and PHOTOS may  be vectors.  The size of A is (LENGTH(SUBJECTS)*LENGTH(PHOTOS),92*112).  The stored photos can be displayed by SHOW(A).

FACES first reads a datafile ORL and then converts it to a dataset.  In case ORL is not available, it may be automatically downloaded  and installed. If this fails an error is generated.

When using these images, please give credit to Olivetti Research Laboratory.  A convenient reference is the face recognition work which uses some of  these images

F. Samaria and A. Harter    "Parameterisation of a stochastic model for human face identification",
    2nd IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision
    December 1994, Sarasota (Florida).

The paper is available via anonymous ftp from and is  stored in pub/users/fs/

If you have any question, please email Ferdinando Samaria:

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PRDataFiles Contents

PRDataFiles User Guide

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