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Set data field in mapping or dataset



 W Mapping
 DATA Data to be put in the data field.
 FIELD String, name of data field structure to be used for DATA (optional)
 N Index of cell array to be used for DATA (optional)
     A        Dataset
     FEATLAB  Desired feature labels for dataset (optional)

 W Mapping
 A Dataset


This routine can be used to store data in the data fields of either a  mapping W or a dataset A.

The data field of a mapping consists of a matrix, cell array or a structure.  In case nor FIELD neither N are given the entire dats field is replaced by  DATA. In case the data field is a structure DATA is assigned to field FIELD.  In case the datafield is a cell array, DATA is assigned to cell N DATA cannot be a structure in case of untrained or fixed mappings.

The data field of a dataset A is an array of doubles. It is replaced by  DATA which may be doubles or another dataset, which will be converted to  doubles. The numbers of objects in A and DATA should be equal. The feature  labels of A are replaced by FEATLAB, or, if not supplied and DATA is a  dataset by the feature labels of DATA. Labels and class probabilities of  A are preserved.

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PRTools User Guide

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