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Get labels or soft labels of a dataset


 A Dataset
 TYPE Label type for conversion, e.g. 'crisp' or 'soft'.  Default: no conversion.
 LABLISTNAME Desired lablist, default: present on of A.



Get the labels (crisp or soft) of the objects in the dataset A.  If A has target labels they are converted to soft labels first.  See SETLABTYPE for conversion rules.  LABLIST is the unique set of labels of A and is thereby identical to  the class names of A.

TYPE = 'soft' forces the return of soft labels after conversion (if  necessary). This is identical to GETTARGETS(A,'soft').  Note that soft labels are not names, but memberships to all classes.  If A has crisp labels or target labels they are converted to soft  labels first. See SETLABTYPE for conversion rules.

See also

setlabtype, gettargets, setlabels, settargets, multi_labeling,

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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