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Get fields of object descriptors


 A Dataset
 FIELD Character string: name of structure field of IDENT field of A.
 L Vector of indices pointing to desired objects in A,  default: all.

 IDENTFIELD Cell array of size (L,1) containing the requested field of the  objects A(L,:).
  If FIELD is the empty string ('') the entire ident structure is returned.  If the requested field does not exist IDENTFIELD = [];

Note the ident field of datasets was originally intended for an  identification of the individual objects. Later its usage was extended  to a field for storing general information on objects. For that reason 'old'  datasets without a structure in the ident field are transformed such that  this information is stored in a subfield IDENT in the ident field. It can  be retrieved by GETIDENT(A) or GETIDENT(A,J).

IDENTFIELD is a cell array as arbitrary parameters may be stored. If  these are doubles, e.g. after A = SETIDENT(A,[1:SIZE(A,1)]'), they can  be easily converted by N = CELL2MAT(GETIDENT(A));

For backward compatibility the following holds: If FIELD = 'string'  then IDENTFIELD contains a character array of the object identifiers stored  in A.IDENT.IDENT. If these are integers they are converted to strings.

PRTools Contents

PRTools User Guide

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